Comprehensive and Flexible Recovery Options
Hard drive doctors offer the most flexible and comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities in the industry, enabling your business to recover quickly from a wide range of events: from accidentally deleting a file to the entire loss of one or more of your facilities.

Our  solutions ensure that your business meets  RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives—the maximum data you can afford to lose) and RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives—the maximum time it takes to recover). Hard Drive doctors  archival and storage options ensure you can store and recover your data for life.

Recovery Solutions that fit your infrastructure

Hard drive doctors  Backup is a comprehensive, all-in-one backup and recovery software solution offering data protection and continuity for your physical and virtual infrastructure, on the hardware platform of your choice. The Recovery-Services a  purpose-build physical backup appliances that provides cost effective, radically easy to use comprehensive data protection and business continuity.