Solid State Drive Recovery

SSD drives are a faster, more reliable alternative to traditional spinning platter storage devices. This is assumed due to the fact that there are no moving parts in SSD drives. In reality hard drives are also very reliable and the majority of all storage devices fail because of external forces. As their usage spreads hard drive doctors are increasingly being called in to help recover lost data due to electronic faults, accidental damage and controller failure on SSD in Laptops and Servers.

The PCB design of an SSD has similar circuit board layout to a HDD but instead of controlling communications with a spinning disk it is instead storing data on many individual Flash Memory chips. Each chip is potentially a single point of failure. It is normally possible to recover most if not all of the data even from physically damaged SSD and Flash devices, but the work involved is equally complex and requires skilled technicians which can result in a higher GB tp GB cost.

We also regularly recover lost data from devices that have failed due to the following:

  • Physical – Physically Damaged SSD, Damaged SATA or ZIF Connector
  • Logical – Accidental Deletion and Formatting
  • Electronic – Over Voltage, Power Spike
  • Unforeseen – Water / Flood Damage, Fire or Damage Caused By Heat Exposure


SSD Data Recovery Controller Support List

SSD devices are produced by a huge number of different companies all of which we can recover from. We provide recovery support to  Flash chips in various forms.

It is so important that you contact us so we can help diagnose the best and cheapest way forward. If you try to recover the data yourself you may cause further damage depending on the issue, which is why it is important you contact us as early as possible.

We provide outstanding customer support and continually update you as to the current status of your recovery.We are not a reseller; you will talk to the technician who is performing your recovery